Interactive Swim

Just a girl swimming in the interactive world.

See Sarah Soar


After four years of therapists, tears and triumphs, I’ve decided to have Sarah discharged at the end of December when her prescription comes up for her autism therapy. Her BSC and MT said that she was ready but left it up to me if I wanted to continue for another 3 months or more. It’s […]

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Unplanned Bumps In the Road


I have $80 dollars in the bank.  It is the lowest balance I can remember in a very long time.  When I think about that amount it gives me such anxiety to the point of crippling me in my tracks.  I’m scared and full of fear.  Fear of where the next paycheck will come from […]

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When You Just Know


I’m not going to lie; I have kissed many frogs. I’m still standing after my heart has been broken, my spirit crushed and two failed marriages. Many would have given up on love but I knew that one day I would find the right one and just know he was it. When I look back […]

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Do You Believe In Signs?


I have been sitting on this blog post for awhile and I’m finally able to finish it. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that God puts things in place for us to work through and figure out in our own time. So I’ll answer the question I poised in the title, I […]

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No More Walls


I have recently decided to start tearing down the walls that I had inside for so long. My life consisted of  keeping most people at bay emotionally and staying numb to any feelings.  Sheltering my inner self, my core, allowed me not to get hurt. But life is short and living that way you end […]

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My Story of Suicide


I have decided to tell my story for World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th, 2014.  I have never told anyone the details of my story so please bear with me. I have done a video in one take so that I couldn’t go back and forth in written form.    

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What Toilet Paper Do You Use?


I’m going to provide a revelation to some of you.  We all wipe our asses with the same toilet paper that we get at the same grocery store. No different. If there is one thing I don’t tolerate it’s pretentious people. I can’t stand it. And now we live in a community that is quaint, […]

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Co-Parenting Skillz


I guess Rob and I are in the minority when it comes to our co-parenting skills. After he decided that Sarah could live with me full-time, we became focused only on what was in the best interest for her. And I guess this is rare. It seems crazy that this is rare because you would […]

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Online Dating Jungle


I can’t even express to you what a jungle online dating is. If you’re thinking about using Match, Tinder, Eharmony, etc. the biggest thing I can say is don’t take it too seriously. What type of men are out there? Oh lawd. A Nigerian who said he was from Pittsburgh, a man in his 40’s […]

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Coming Out The Other Side


A year ago, I never thought I would see the light at the end of the tunnel with my personal issues (finances, divorce, etc.). My family and close friends would give me pep talks along the way saying that eventually you’ll get through this chapter in your life. Hold on. And I held on to […]

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